It was a hot New York summer night
on Ludlow Street when we started
talking jello shots...

We like to do things differently at Ludlows Cocktail Co. Being “Millennials” and all, we care about what we eat and drink and think using the best and all-natural ingredients is a no brainer. We also value fun, creativity, and innovation and think all those things combined can create magical products and experiences for our consumers.

For our first product line, we reinvented the Jello Shot. Typically made with artificially colored and flavored Jello and the cheapest booze possible, we decided to make one worthy of our adult selves. Crafted with real juices and high quality spirits, Ludlows Jelly Shots are portable cocktails with a 30-proof punch. We were even crazy enough to make an Old Fashioned one with 2-year barrel aged bourbon, bitters, orange and cherry.

We’re pleased to announce our newest creation – The Ludlows Spritz line – made in collaboration with the well respected founders of Death & Co., Honeycut, Normandie Club, and The Walker Inn. These 750ml bottled fizzy cocktails are the first of their kind featuring CA sparkling wine and real juices, citrus and herbs.

We’ve got more magical products up our sleeves. Stay tuned and join us as we try to be a little disruptive in the booze industry.

Freya Estreller + The Ludlows Cocktail Co. Crew

“Whole Foods Sells Jello Shots For Grown Ups? Sign Us Up. They’re all natural so they’re practically a health food.”

Huffington Post

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