Hello everybody!
We have some very exciting stuff going on with us! Our Co-founder is launching a dope new Spritz line and we want you to hear all about it! During the first ever Spritz Awareness month, we will be having launch parties for the campaign! We want you to taste the three beautiful flavors we have to offer and kill the dance floor all night with us at bars like HoneycutLA, DomaineLA, and The Normandie Club. We go so excited for all this, we made a music video (yes, we’re that cool). Check it out below:

Go ahead and share that beat with your friends and anyone else who can appreciate a darn good cocktail to enter the chance to win an invite! Post and tag us on any social medias (@LudlowsOfficial) and come party with us all night. If you are feeling the total Spritz vibe, and want to help support us, we’d love you to share our kickstarter launch this coming Wednesday Feb. 3. We are are very excited to share Spritz Awareness Month with you!