We know that sneaking alcohol into places is frowned upon, especially when they sell alcohol there. But at sporting events and concerts, it’s basically a jillion dollars for more than one drink, amiright? We’re on the same page with you. With the help of a couple other alcohol enthusiasts (shout out to UPROXX and Buzzfeed), I think we have come up with the perfect few tips to help you sneak in your goods without getting caught!

1. Classic Switcharoo- One way to get by is sneaking your clear colored alcohol of choice into another bottle that is allowed in, like water or sprite!


2. If they don’t let you take in drinks at all- It get’s a bit tricky, but you want booze right? Take something’s case that is non edible, like sunscreen for example, or a lotion bottle. Empty it out. Clean it out. Put the alcohol in there! Easy, and not at all noticeable. You’re just trynna stay moisturized, riiiiight?


3. Flexible Flasks- Though they are cool and stylish, regular flasks seem to make it look like your keeping a square block in your jeans. Make sure to get a flexible flask so you can pop it under your hat, in your show, in your jeans, and you can literally fit in into your hair somehow if you tried.


4. Alcoholic food- Now you already know this is our specialty. Taking food that has alcohol in it is your best shot for not getting caught. You can either make it a day in advance, or you can buy them pre-packaged (holla!).We’re talking jelly shots, gummy bears, fruit, skittles, lollipops. Literally anything. It’s the best and most proven way. But hey, we’re a little biased.


We’re trying to make your lives better and your outing experiences the best out of all. Usually good times are paired with booze, so make sure you follow these tips for any area in your life where you just may need to sneak something in, and get away with it! Check out these other blogs that help you be all around more sneaky!