Sometimes, the bar scene can be overwhelming and at the same time ordinary. The vibe isn’t right, the drinks weren’t generous; the list goes on that supports your decision of staying home alone watching Netflix. Well that’s where we come in! We know that bar hopping can be a bit intimidating because you don’t even know where to begin to look, or what deals are good, or how to dress. We’re giving you a whole list of places for many different cities all over the nation, so there is no excuse for you to be alone and at home this Saturday night Go on whicha bad self.

Los Angeles, CA– A perfect place to start new, make it big, and have the perfect night out. Luckily for you Thrillist has an amazing list right here for rooftop hangouts and happenings, because golden hour just isn’t as good if it’s not in California. They give you the inside scoop and websites, so you can read reviews, and know if heels were a good choice or nah.


Las Vegas, NV– The notorious city of sin and booze. The good news about Vegas is pretty much everywhere you go, it’s gonna be a good time. A word of advice, make sure you know what kind of vibe you want. If you are just PUMPED on life and ready to get down and dirty, check out a list of clubs on the strip from Thrillist here. those are guaranteed for a crazy night and probably a crazy morning, but hey who knows. If you are feeling a more mellow bar scene, make sure to check out the downtown scene by Fremont Street here, from USA Today’s 10 Best. These are good places for a good beer and conversation but also a great Vegas experience.


DALLAS, TX – Everything is bigger in Texas, even the selection of food and drink. People in the state of Texas sure know a thing or two about how to make booze, and what environment to put them in. All of these bars and restaurants from Thrillist here are a perfect guide t a nice night in Dallas. If you are looking for something a little bit more crazy, dallas can deliver that too. Keep the tab open at any of these bars and you, my friend, are in for a wild night, not to mention with VIEW!


Phoenix, AZ– This city sure is in the desert because it is burning with bars and nightlife! With a nice classy twist on every bar, this lsit will not disappoint your night with a date, with the girls, with the boys, and even with someone you don’t know. You won’t be abandoned, but welcomed with these places! Go insane, and have a drink for us, will ya?